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Care and maintenance

- (sunbathing lotions, oils, etc.) do not requied special care. After use, must drain and dry. Avoid long action of fat and possible mechanical damage.

- simple installation and easy maintenace

 Power regulation

- the intensity of resistance controlled by the user


- without metalic parts, plastics, suteres and sharp joints

Operating costs

- reasonble price and no operating cost. Do not drown money for endless pool run and purchase.

Buying price is your first and last payment ... :-)


This is not, of course, "inderstructible" product. It always depends on the way of use and intensity, but also on the acidity of user´s sweat. JS was tested for 18 months with apprx. thousand 3-5 minutes swimming cycles and the reduced maintenance constiting only rinse on soap water (every 3 weeks).  It is also desirable always take out the tape from the water and let it drip.

What should be watched out?

JS doesn´t like the contact with sharp things, furthermore it is necessary to supervise, especially children.

And isn´t there any risk of drowning?

Smaller than anywhere on the open water. Even with the unfortunate "entaalement"  to the tape JS will allow you to stand up or reach the nearest edge thanks to its elasticity.

... and when I swim up?

JS draws you gently  to itself and then  just let it drain.