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How does it works ?

Equipment allows you to work with your own weight, where the intensity of the load is controlled by the user.

Ideal alternative to unwanted swimming over deep water

Developed with focus on simplicity of construction and use.

For relax and (re-)conditional swimming and exercise.

The intensity of resistance controlled by the user.

For the improvement of a swimming style.

Swimming demonstration here: JustSwim

Assembly and use

At both ends of the equally long flat flexibile tape  make the  loop – flat lenth 20-25 cm  (according to  the  size  of the limbs). Make sure that the tape do not twist.

For swimming fit the loops over the shoulder or doubled over the ankles, always with knot towards the attachment point. (style „breaststroke“=  knot  in  the shoulder-blades  area respectively Achilles tendon).


For exercise attach the rubber  to those  limbs,  that you want exercise against resistance of  aquatic  environment.

Mounting and fixing

JustSwim can be fixed to the anchored attached screw eye (see inside side of package), as well as to other fixed points in pool area (steps, skimmer, railing, peg etc.).



Beware of sharp edges! We reccomend to underlay them (leather, mirelon or other soft material). JustSwim is capable of up to 4-fold extension, but it is not intended to dragging... :-)

In the case of breaking, just simply add another nade ...